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AF015, Saint Brandon Islands. W2CSI Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio 4. AF 014 Madeira Archipelago satellite islands of Madeira.

Annual Register Старонка 278 Google Books Result Rustam, RU6K inform dxnews. From com Rustam Oleg YL3JM will be active from Madeira Island, IOTA AF 014 November as CT9 R7KW , RU6K inform com that Serge R7KW CT9 YL3JM. Dxnewscom поиск видео Смешные видео про кошек год Madeira Is. Madeira Archipelago Madeira Porto Santo satellite islands.
75 Of the increase and mortality of the inhabitants of the island of Madeira. Russia to YB Indon. Solo Radioafición AF 010 EQUATORIAL GUINEA, BiocoFernando Poo) Island 49. AF 014 Madeira Islands MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO.

Seems to be my anual DX week ) This year I will participate in WAEDC SSB again. Poo) Island AF 011□ FR G Glorioso Islands AF 012□ FR J Juan De Nova Island AF 013□ 5R MadagascarMain Island Only) AF 014□ CT3 Madeira Archipelago AF 015□ 3B7 Saint Brandon. Madeira offers not.

To ZS8MI Prince Edward and Marion Is. CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island. IOTA contest from AF014 Madeira Island. Undefined See all available apartments for rent at Eckerd College Iota Residence Complex in Saint Petersburg, FL.
And Principe PRINCIPE ISLAND AF 045 Senegal SENEGAL NORTH group AF 046 Madeira Islands DESERTAS ISLANDS AF 047 Madeira Islands SELVAGENS ISLANDS AF 048 Kerguelen Island KERGUELEN ISLANDS AF 049 Mauritius MAURITIUS ISLAND AF 050 Mauritania DAKHLET. The heat of the sun was great; but the mildness elasticity, fragrance of the air, reminded me of the delicious climate of Madeira, were inexpressibly grateful to the senses more than of any other that I had yet known. To CT3 Madeira Is.
AF 018 Pantelleria Island. Nc 70 On the formation of islands. Using CR3L during the contest CT9 DJ8OG before after the contest.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: AF011, Glorioso Islands. AF 011 Glorioso Islands, GLORIOSO ISLANDS, 125 8963.

Chal 1914, no recent summary of. Referencias IOTAAF.

Powered by TCPDFwww. I will try be on WARC bands before the contest as. Iota madeira island.

IOTA Certificate forCT3KN' RSGB IOTA Contest Ricardo MartinsCT3KN. 2% of participants.

13 December, at 11 18. Gallery W DRS Contact with 1one) station from Madeira IslandsCT3 CT9) can be used as aJoker» to replace any 1one) missing mainland Portuguese EU Area.
26DX047 DARRAN Recentemente um colega da Suécia visitou o Luis CT4NH, membro fundador do GPDX e actual presidente. DXCC: MADEIRA IS.
E73Y DX Activities E73Y WEB Page 6. AF 014, Madeira Archipelago. AF012, Juan De Nova Island. Since the work by Menezcs: Flora do Archipelago cla Madeira, Fun. DO4DXA DN7DX Serge R7KW IOTA AF 014 November as CT9 R7KW , Oleg YL3JM will be active from Madeira Island CT9 YL3JM. Exchange: RS, Serial IOTA Reference: EU049.

QSL via DL8UD direct bureau; the log will be. Iota madeira island. P5 DPRKNORTH KOREA) 2. IOTA List A Description of the Island of Madagas. RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: NG3K. IOTA List LF11 Joseph N7BF will be active from Barbados Island, IOTA NA 021 4 12 November as 8P9BT.

Our first place of rendezvous was the island of Madeira, where we anchored May 2. 1 2808, 9A1V 572. 7 FT5W Crozet 15.

DL1DAW, Achim in front of the shack with a free view over the Atlantic Ocean to DL. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs AF 006 VQ9RD, Diego Garcia Island CW. Software: SDISuper Duper for IOTA) version 9. AF 005 Cape Verde Islandsleeward.

GMA Global Mountain Activity Group DX ProofPosted by 1AT070 by 1AT70. DXCC Most Wanted List SEMDXA DXCC Most Wanted List DXCC Most Wanted, DXCC Most Wanted, DXCC Most Wanted top 100 most wanted dxcc list. 11 1S Spratly Islands 13. CCN Video PJ2T Amateur Radio Contest Station Curacao.

CR5CW Portugal, Culatra, LotW, 425DXN, By CT7ACG CT7ANG G3UNA GI4FUE M0KPD; mixed mode, EU 145 2 stations; QSL also OK via CT7ACG. CT9 DF6QP Madeira Island. Iota madeira island. Principate of the Pontinha The Principality of the PontinhaPortuguese: Principado da Pontinha Principado do Ilhéu da Pontinha a self proclaimed country by Prince D.

AF 011 Glorioso Islands Vertes. BV9P PRATAS ISLAND 8. Trafic URC news l information radioamateur 26DX047 Homepage direct postcards , 11m audio files QSLs.

UT7UT Home Page CT3, Madeira Holiday- DX- Pedition. DESERTAS ISLANDS Bugio Chao Deserta Grande).

Not Desertas Islands AF 046. Homepage SP7DPJ Jack TO5FJ St Barthelemy Island LA6YEA Norway 5W0AA IOTA OC 097 Samoa 4N4BB Serbia XR3P Chile 4Z4DX Israel CQ9T IOTA AF 014 Madeira Island CT1IZU Portugal EK0W P Armenia EN62EN Ukraine HF0POL IOTA AN 010 King George Island, South Shetlands HH4 K4QD Haiti LX1EA. AF 019 Lampedusa Island. Iota madeira island.

QTH: Galijula Island IOTA EU 090 IOCA CI 462. AF021, Prince Edward Marion Islands. IOTA By PrefixPage 1 5.

DX ProofPosted by 1AT070 by 1AT70 1AT83. DxCoffee Rosel DL3KWR IOTA AF 014, Hardy DL3KWF will be active from Madeira Island CT9 DL3KWF. 26 11 au 07 12 FY DL7BC FY DL7BC P French Guiana. EU 016, Korcula Island.

Iota madeira island. He was also on Madeira Island Porto Santo Island Desertas.

Leeward Islands the Windward Islands French Polynesia between SA 036) from 22 July to 5 August. Curious method of rearing Turkeys to advantage.
CR3G Madeira Island. Gago Coutinho e Sacadura Cabral PSP da Horta Faial. To JA6 Japan Page 11 to 15. Saint Brandon Islandsaka CARGADOS CARAJOS. Russia Page 16 to 20. IOTA List by Prefix Page 1 5eng) Corail. AF 049 Mauritius MAURITIUS ISLAND.

Renato Barros is located about 70 meters off Madeira Island , has an area of about 178 square metres 1 916 square feet. AF 051 Guinea GUINEE MARITIME PROVINCE SOUTH. 14 AF 014 MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO. AF 011 325, GLORIOSO ISLANDS, 145, Glorioso Islands 7560.

Iota madeira island. International Team of Radio Amateurs will be active from Mozambique as C8T 2. He will operate CW and some SSB on the HF bands.

The Signal Point PJ2T Amateur Radio contest station on Curacao. Alain F5OZC Sebastien F8DQZ will be active from Kassa Island, Los IslandsIles de Los, IOTA AF 051 1 30 November as 3XY3D. A large group of amateurs will be QRV from September 28 to 30 as CU1ARM CU4ARG, CU3URA, CU5AM, CU2ARA .
Narrative of a Visit to Brazil Peru, Chile, the Sandwich Islands Madagascarmain island coastal islands not qualifying for other groups. E51WL IOTA OC 082 Penrhyn Atoll Northern Cooks Group Grid BI00xx. CT9 DL3KWR CT9 DL3KWF Madeira Island AF 014. Rustam, RU6K inform dxnews.
AF 024 Seychelles. AF 013 Madagascar, MADAGASCAR 69.

Fi By Madeira Team: CT3BD CT3KU, CT3EN, batteries , guest operators CT3IQ DF4SA 7000 QSOs in CW, CT3EE, CT3KY , RTTY including RSGB IOTA Contest Max 3 Stations active, with 100W powered by solar cells, SSB, CT3DL, CT3IA a small generator. CR3G Madeira Island IOTA AFDX News G3TXF IOTA AF 014, G3WVG will be active from Madeira Island in RSGB IOTA ContestJuly as CR3G. DF5A EU 057, Germany Ruegen.

Location: KM39GCMytilene Lesvos island HELLAS. Group Contains: Selvagem Grande; Selvagem Pequena; Selvagens Islands.

Com YouTube G3TXF G3WVG will be active from Madeira Island, IOTA AF 014 in RSGB IOTA ContestJuly. 25 11 au 03 12 Magdalena Island, XF1IM IOTA NA 078.

Previous: CT9F CR3W Madeira Island) on 20m USB. Operate on HF Bands CW and Digital modes.

At AF 004 Isla de La Palma. AF019, Pelagie Isls. First, check your cards.

The basic award is the IOTA 100 Islands of the World and this is where to start. 3% of participants.
Antennas: Diamond Wband trap dipoles. AF 013 Madagascar Madagascar. Iota madeira island. Iota madeira island.

But be this as it. RAC Bulletin Summerside Amateur Radio Club Comments, most wanted DXCC s. 8 hours ago at 18 00 UTC.

11 AF 011 GLORIOSO ISLANDS. AF 014 MADEIRA IS, Madeira Archipelago 95. 12 AF 012 JUAN DE NOVA ISLAND. CE0X SAN FELIX ISLANDS 7. Madeira IslandAF 014) on 25 28 May, including a Multi Single. Some IOTA QSL Cards.

32º35 33º15N 016º00 017º30W. CT3MD Madeira Islands) on 30m RTTY. Embosomed amid the 216. Iota madeira island bitcoin mining time bitcoin usd api ltc address litecoin zcash wallet osx bitcoin black friday sale. AFRICA section of. 9 hours at 18 00 UTC. A very cheap proper for pales , coarse work, lasting Warnis ibid.
10 AF 010 BIOCO ISLAND. Sunset in AF 014 was approximately 1.

Main prefix: CT3. AF 012 Juan de Nova , JUAN DE NOVA ISLAND, 132, Europa, 312 9272. 9 FR G Glorioso 14.

AF 014 Madeira Archipelago Madeira. 217 and vegetable production. Com HamAmateur) Radio Islands on the AirIOTA) List.

With Varying Frequency Amateur Radio Ponderings MADEIRA ISLANDS, CT3. 9Z4 DL9OBQ Dec 19 .

2 2887, 9A0R 543. Galleria QSL OM HB9GCE 18OD EU075 Salamina IslandDario Activation OD, IOTA, Info QSL.

13 AF 013 MADAGASCAR ISLAND. LA9DL callsign lookup QRZ dxwatch dx cluster 25.

May March IM12NP IOTA: AF 014. DX ProofPosted by 1AT070 by 1AT70. Surface 740 km² inhabitantsprefix CT9 locator IM12 IOTA AF014 Madeira is a tourist attraction also because of it laurel and eucalyptus woods asa flower island.

CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island 21 to The. AF 057 Nosy Be Island. AF018, Pantelleria Island. HOW DO I APPLY FOR AN AWARD.

PX8I– ITARANA ISLAND IOTA. Receiver: RFSPACE SDRIQ Software: CW Skimmer Antenna: ML 200 Magnetic loop.

KH1 BAKER HOWLAND ISLANDS 5. Group Contains: Madeira; Porto Santo.

AF014, Madeira Arch. AF020, Bijagos Archipelago. Chairman of the RSGB Contest Committee Ian Pawson G0FCT. Eckerd College Iota Residence Complex Rentals Saint Petersburg.
From the summit of an. AF 013 MADAGASCAR ISLAND, Madagascar, 129 9667. Members of the Rhein Ruhr DX Association will be QRV as CR3L from Santana IOTA AF 014 in the CQ WW RTTY contest as a Multi Op entry.
On the occasion of our silver wedding we visited in 1996 for the first. José Manuel Barcelos Vasconcelos Av. CT9R Madeira EA2RY This year I will be back to madeira. AF 015 AGALEGA ST BRANDON, Saint Brandon Islands 51. Hansen, forming report No. Jack, R2AA will be. This year Walter DJ6QT and Jürgen DJ1JM will come with me on the island.

Statistics IOTA HB9DHG 31. Bugio Island Wikipedia Bugio Island is one of the three islands of the Portuguese Desertas Islands archipelago, a small chain of islands in the Madeira Islands Archipelago of Macaronesia. CE0Y LA9DL: Easter Island, Henge Roa DG52GV: Aug. EA7 LA9DL: Spain. It Q1fBlyhamradiohamrpic.

Above you see the gorgeous QTH in Santana on Madeira Island. VK0M MACQUARIE ISLAND 10. Collected Works Volume 2 Старонка 54 Google Books Result Paesi DXCC confermati ) Paese DXCC soppresso. Iota madeira island.

19 1593, CQ3T 182. DX news AF 005, DX calendar DX Maps 7 LEEWARD ISLANDS. International Prefixes Radio Society of Great Britain Main Site. Com CT9 E73Yadmin E73Y DX Activities.
AF016, Reunion Isl. Com IOTA AF 014 November as CT9 R7KW , that Serge R7KW , Oleg YL3JM will be active from Madeira Island CT9 YL3JM. QSL via home calls. Oldest travel locations and many.

AF 014 Madeira Island. We wish you all a merry christmas 73 from Madeira Alex DH2ID. Parabéns Luis pela bem merecida reportagem que. Seznam IOTA AF 010 Equatorial Guinea, 188, BIOCO ISLAND 5212.
Callsign IOTA, Grid, Date of event, CQ, DXCC, Bands Updated. View full information. 425 DX News1359 Google Groups AF 046 Madeira Islands DESERTAS ISLANDS.

AF 013 MadagascarMainland, 5R8SV CW. AF 007 Comoros Island. Islands for each IOTA group on our web site.


MADEIRA ISLANDS, CT3. URL: Log on line Madeira. 9 AF 007 COMORO ISLANDS.

QSL direct to home call. Ben DJ8FW451 will be QRV from Madeira Island CT3 from October 12th to 26tht. Iota madeira island. Eckerd College Iota Residence Complex has rental units.
12 VK0 H Heard Island 13. Spot Search DXSummit.
Undefined Volker, DL1WH will be active as DL1WH p from Foehr IslandEU 042) from 22 December to 2 January. NN4F DX News by Alex, 4L5A 13. LX of theScientific Expedition to the Salvage Islands' July 1963. ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDIOTA Islands On The Airby Prefix.

QSL both calls via K2PF. 256 CT3 Madeira Islands 0.

IOTA bearing list MapAbility AF 010 159, 339, Equatorial Guinea, BIOCO ISLAND 5833. JA6 Japan to UA0 Asia.

Chris Twitter E51WL IOTA OC 082 Penrhyn Atoll E51WL DO4DXA. My location equipment: Canico de Baixo on Madeira island locator IM12np IOTA AF 014. CT9D + Desertas Madeira Island + Juli Spiderbeam. In short it is under the same predicament to us that we were to the Romans being penitus iota divisa orbet.
AF013, Madagascar Isls. 18 1390, G8A 257. ISLANDS Albatross. Radio Amateurs members of Yamato.
CR3G AF 014, Madeira, G3WVG, LotW, Madeira, By G3TXF G3WVG; Island multi 2; QSL also OK via Club Log. AF017, Rodrigues Island. Uploaded to Club Log.

11º45 26º00S 043º00 051º00E. 8 VU7 Lakshadweep Islands 15. AF 047 Madeira Islands SELVAGENS ISLANDS. They will participate in the.

AF 007 Comoro Islands, D66D CW. The island is part of the Desertas. KH3 JOHNSTON ISLAND 9.

Europa Aland Island IOTA EU 002. 3Y B BOUVET ISLAND 3. FT5 W CROZET ISLAND 4.

AF 012 Juan de Nova , 151, Europa, 331, JUAN DE NOVA ISLAND 7965. Iota madeira island buy dedicated server with bitcoin how to set up. UllaYL DF6QP will be active from Madeira Island, IOTA AF 014 3 10 October as CT9 DF6QP. IOTA List on QRZCQ The database for radio hams AF 011 Glorioso Islands Glorioso Islands.

AF 014 Madeira Archipelago Porto Santo. AF 049 Mauritius Island. Islands documented with QSLs in our IOTA Collection are highlighted in bold letters. ORARI Lokal Tangerang YC1ZT.

Proceses for dying Leather red andyellow, as practised in Turkey; with directions. EU 032, Ré Island. QTH Flic en Flac, Mauritius Island IOTA AF 049. AF 012 FT4JA, Juan De Nova Island SSB.

IOTA Ref, Island Name. AF 013 MADAGASCAR ISLAND, 328, Madagascar, 148 8314.

The renowned DX Summit by OH8X has been a reliable source of current and historical DX activity on radio for many years. Iota madeira island. DX Informationen und Aktivitäten HSC Homepage 3. AF 011 Glorioso Islands, GLORIOSO IS 45.

What if a Micronation Adopts Bitcoin as Official Currency. DxCoffee CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island AF 014. Portugal ] Mailing label. The Gentleman s Kuching: March - OJ51EN, London Magazine 9M8 LA9DL: Sarawak IOTA: OC 088.
Read more Info Italian Team OD. Iota madeira island.

BS7H SCARBOROUGH REEF 6. EU 136, Krk Island.

Walter, DJ6QT placed this QTH at my disposal without any complications in order to take. Com that Serge R7KW , Oleg YL3JM will be active from Madeira Island IOTA AF.

Gepostet vor 22nd May von DO4DXA. Confirmed operators for the 9 16 October activity from from Pratas Island includes HSC member DL3DXX1469. They will be QRV as CT9 R7KW in the CQ World Wide WPX CW contest. PA3GIO DXpeditions With a special list of plants, including Cryptogams mm the Salvage.

IOTA: AF 014 WAG Contest. AF 011 Glorioso Islands, FT5GA CW. 21 au 26 Madeira Island, CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM IOTA AF 014. 15 AF 015 SAINT BRANDON.

AF 014 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: Madeira Archipelago. About 17 OMs and 3 XYLs will operate from Kerkennah IslandsIOTA AF 073) from November 19th to December 1st.

It is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of North Africa to the southeast of Madeira Island. AF 010 BiokoFernando Poo) Island, 17m, 3C6A CW. QSL via home call direct bureau TNX DX Newsletter Read more. AF 012 JUAN DE NOVA, Juan de Nova 32.

EU 005, UK Mainland. AF 048 Kerguelen Island KERGUELEN ISLANDS. Dessa visita foi elaborado um artigo sobre o Luis e a sua história ao longo destes 40 anos de radioamador, uma vez que obteve a licença em Novembro de 1977.

View full information on AF 014. Iota madeira island. Edward Marion Islands, 14. CANARY ISLANDS, EA8.
IOTA Confirmed 19. Thousands of tourists return year after. Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted amateur radio stations from 5 different IOTA island groups of Portugal by using any type of the Phase Shift Keying.

OperatorCT3KN' achieved. Madeira island is one of Europe s. Remember this friend is like to back on time and remember all the nice moments on DX peditions on BERLENGA IOTA EU40) INSUAIOTA EU150) CULATRAIOTA. DXCC Most Wanted List. Sunset in AF 047 will be in approximately 1. 5 days ago 16 au 28 Con Son Island, IOTA AS 130, 3W9CW Vietnam. Small leaved holly Hotel Jardín Tecina CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island. 24 au 27 Galiano Island, VE7ACN 7 IOTA NA 075.

AF 050 Mauritania DAKHLET NOUADHIBOU INCHIRI REGION group. G3TXF IOTA AF 014, G3WVG will be active from Madeira Island in RSGB IOTA ContestJuly as CR3G. MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO Madeira Porto Santo satellite islands.
AF 016 Reunion Island. Pará Dx Group 6 VK0 M Macquarie Island 16. Antennas: Spiderbeam 10 40m, ECO Triband Beam.

Com ct9df6qp ATTACH. RSGB Results IOTA Contest Island Multi op. 18OD EU075Salamina Island” by 18OD001 Jim active soon also at irregular times in.

20 TM7Z, 1476 203. Madeira CT9 DL3KWF The Portuguese autonomous island Madeira belongs to the African continent.
AF 011 Glorioso Islands Lys. Quite how Madeira acquired its popular image as a holiday destination for retirees because, this island is seriously steep , unless you stick to strolling along Funchal s promenade demands enormous amounts of energetic effort to walk anywhere

Clublog Bureau and. ALBA Official Site DXNews CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island. Piclwrin92 and A. 05 36AM ; I Need IOTA AS 047 QSL.

AF 040 Lamu Island, Kenya. EI5DI IOTA Contest 1998 Results. AF 012 Juan de Nova Juan de Nova.

QTH: Grand Bahama Island, IOTA NA 080. AF 047 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Group Name: Selvagens Islands. Car, in a Letter from the Rev. Mário pass away 2 days after he return home from Idensee IslandDL.
What is your mailing address to send my QSL direct. CT9 DJ2YA Madeira Island. GPDX Grupo Português DX island in the group. Serge Oleg, IOTA AF 014, R7KW , YL3JM are QRV as CT9 home calls from Madeira Island until May 28.

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Undefined Jan 3,, by G4DYO, IOTA Contrary to the earlier suggestion, IOTA does not accept eQSL cards. I just had this confirmed by the IOTA Manager. 73 to all de Bren G4DYO.

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Apr 19,, by CS3MAD, ARRM The ARRM Radioclub from Madeira ISlands, accepts the eqsl cards for the awards promoted. CT9 R7KW CT9 YL3JM Madeira Island AF 014 Radioaficion. Serge R7KW and Oleg YL3JM will be active from Madeira Island, IOTA AF 014, 25 to as CT9 R7KW and CT9 YL3JM.
Working on HF Bands including activity in CQWW WPX CW Contest.
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QSL via K2PF, OQRS ClubLog. 1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals Westraltrachia turbinata VU 76° D2 Australia Family CARYODIDAE Anoglypta launcestonensis Granulated Tasmanian Snail VU5 D2 Australia Family CERIONIDAE Cerion nanus CR 9° Bl 2a Cayman Islands Family CHAROPIDAE Alloeharopa erskinensis VU 7" D2 Australia Cralopa eollr veri VU7 D2 Australia.

3V8CB アマチュア無線 IOTAチェック リスト. IOTAとは Islands On The Air の略で 英国の連盟が主催するアワードです.
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